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Kannauj - Attars Of India By Perfumologist - 100% Natural Alcohol Free

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Attars Of India - Discover Kannauj Part 1 - 2ml x 8 Sample Vials

Attars Shown in Pic are 2ml Sprayable , First time ever

So Perfumologist Went to Kannauj to Discover the Roots of Indian Perfumery and Legendary Ingredients in Perfume Making , Nature Way.

The Discover Pack includes , all Basic Building Blocks of Kannauj Attars

  1. Sandalwood
  2. Indian Rose
  3. Motia
  4. Shamama
  5. Kewda
  6. Indian Vetiver (Ruh Khas)
  7. Mitti Attar
  8. Maulshree

*We may change some based on seasonal availability

  • Handcrafted

    100% Handcrafted made with love by traditional Indian Artisans

  • Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free

    100% Vegan made with Hydro Distillation Process, Renewable Energy Used in Making

  • Paraben Free & No Phthalate

    Our Products are made in 100% Pure Sandalwood Oil and Comes in Dark Amber Colour

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