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Choya Nakh By AttarShala 12ml

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Choya is Technique of Dry Distillation of Ingredients which cant be Hydro Distilled.

These are elements which are Solid and have negligible water content.

One Such Element is Nakh Which is Onyva Shell

Literally Sea Shells which comes in Calcium Form.

The Smell of Choya Nakh is Milky , Balmy and Not every ones Cup of Tea.

Experience Authentic Choya Nakh Attar from Kannauj from Attarshala at

  • Handcrafted

    100% Handcrafted made with love by traditional Indian Artisans

  • Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free

    100% Vegan made with Hydro Distillation Process, Renewable Energy Used in Making

  • Paraben Free & No Phthalate

    Our Products are made in 100% Pure Sandalwood Oil and Comes in Dark Amber Colour

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